We are all created to blossom. Founded in 2017, we created KBlossom events to make sure your wedding tells YOUR blossom story. The countless hours spent finding the RIGHT dress, the tireless calls to find the spectacular photographer, or the venue that will cater to ALL your needs can all be stressful and even put your relationship to the test. WE GET IT and that is why we are HERE. We exist to walk with you in the process, organizing and planning every detail to make sure your big day is nothing short of joy and incredible memories.

As a black-owned business, with roots in East Africa, we love all things culture. Heritage is BEAUTIFUL with the right boundaries to balance conflicting demands on your BIG day. We love helping our clients discover these boundaries to make their dream wedding a reality. Whether your budget is big or small, we are here to deliver quality service. We are HERE to make your blossom wedding story a reality.



Meet the Team


Bethy (Sandabo) Abdissa
Customer service has been at the core of my being since childhood. Family gatherings, school events and trips were things I enjoyed planning and executing. I started planning weddings, showers and graduation parties for friends and family. With an MBA background and a passion for events, I decided to launch a business that reflects my personality and expertise. My given name Sandabo means “to blossom” and that is what I decided to do. KBlossom co-founder Kalat and I have collaborated in numerous events and decided to make it official. On my spare time, you will find me creating new makeup looks, listening to podcasts or searching for new mom and pop coffee shops.





Kalat Yared
After years of planning events and weddings during my spare time and repeatedly being told by friends that I needed to be paid for my services; I decided to partner with a dear friend of mine and opened KBlossom Event. Being an Event Manager, I bring the skills of planning and experience of managing budgets to every event that I plan. I am detail-oriented and driven to make every event a win for my clients. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, dog, or traveling whenever given the opportunity. I look forward to working with you soon!